Voxvalley Technologies expands its territory into United States of America

As of January 2014 Voxvalley Technologies has claimed a firm foundation as it branches out its office in USA

Hyderabad, India - 10th January, 2014 - Voxvalley Technologies has confirmed that it is opening an office in the United States of America. This is a huge step for globally renowned company as it makes its footprints visually displayed in other countries as well. Having catered to a wide range of customers all over the globe, this is its first step in having a solid impact in another country where it physical presence will be present to meet up with customers and have a more intimate relationship with them on a personal front.

Voxvalley Technologies has been catering to a wide group of countries providing every type of VoIP based solutions. From helping form many huge VoIP companies to supporting start-ups, Voxvalley technologies has been serving customers from every field and vertical, irrelevant of their business size and proportion – may it be an Enterprise or a startup.

It has always been a dream of mine to accomplish more for the company, to move from country to country making our presence more physical and approachable for everyone to interact with. With this step being taken in the United States of America we can now proudly say our growth and expansion of the company is occurring in a very good pace. This is just a start to so much more that Voxvalley is going to accomplish and we are looking forward to make a stand in majority number of countries. We already have customers from every corner of the world and now we are looking to expand our offices there as well to grow even more in those locations. said, Mr. Sajjan Mallik, CEO of Voxvalley Technologies.

Voxvalley Technologies is a VoIP solution provider, which has been present in the market for years together now. Voxvalley deals with every sector related to VoIP, with products such as MoSIP mobile dialers, Vox IM for messaging, Vox Con for conferencing, Vox Switch for reseller – wholesaler business and many more. Being well renowned for its services Voxvalley has taken it a step further by providing VoIP based solutions for Businesses and Enterprises as well. The Vox Suite and Vox PBX are a result of great minds working together to ensure that the application enhance the quality of communication while reducing the cost of expense towards it. The "Vox PBX" and "Vox Suite" provide an all-round solution to business who need to keep in constant touch with employees and even towards the outside world. So basically the products improve the communication both "Internally" (within the company) and "Externally" (between clients and customers).

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