Vox Bridge

A highly scalable VoIP tunneling software that delivers data encryption and compression to enhance quality of VoIP communication. Vox Bridge is positioned between the softswitch and the mobile dialer applications developed by Voxvalley to counter firewalls blockages, network congestion, and low bandwidth issues.

  • Distributed Proxy Network
  • Supports Multiple SIP Softswitches
  • Works as Load Balancer
  • Intuitive User Interface
  • Multi-tenant and Highly Scalable
  • VoIP Calls at 20 Kbps
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VoIP Tunneling Software

Technical Specifications

  • Supported audio codecs: G.729
  • Automatic transport protocol and NAT detection
  • Standard and proprietary encryption
  • Enforcing high QoS by auto adjusting the transport level parameters based on network circumstances and RTP/RTCP statistics
  • Distributed proxy network to prevent server IP blockage and adding more obfuscation
  • Different transport method using UDP & TCP to bypass all packet filtering