Vox Switch

Vox Switch is a carrier-grade softswitch which enables a service provider to deliver a wide variety of VoIP solutions. It is a highly customizable VoIP Softswitch equipped with advanced routing, billing, customer management features. It also adds provision to offer IM and SMS services.

  • Calling Cards and Call Shop Modules
  • Supports IM and SMS
  • Powerful Billing Mechanism
  • Smart Routing Algorithms
  • Intuitive User Interface
  • Multi-tenant and Highly Scalable
  • Detailed Dashboards and Reporting
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VoIP Softswitch

Solution Modules

Each of these solution models is capable of carrying out different VoIP business functionalities with the help of associated features.

Retail VoIP Icon

Retail Mobile VoIP

Vox Switch allows retail operators to offer VoIP services through a centrally managed web user-interface and other value added services.

Calling Cards Icon

Calling Cards

Vox Switch offers a calling card solution that enable service providers to deliver high quality prepaid PINless and calling card services.

Call Shop Icon

Call Shop

Vox Switch Call shop solution as it allows creation of easy manageable callshop networks while providing lucrative and reliable services to customers.

Wholesale VoIP Icon

Wholesale VoIP

Vox Switch provides end-to-end and highly scalable wholesale VoIP solution for providers who want to effortlessly manage their wholesale network.

Salient Features

  • User Accounts Management - Create and manage users and subscribers as per the business requirements.
  • Billing - Robust billing techniques to keep your profits and margins high.
  • IVR Management - Support Multiple Languages. Enables each tenant to have their own prompt set and/or customized “voice” for their system.
  • DID Management - Enables DIDs to be managed as a group when multiple DIDs can access the system from the same country.
  • Gateway Management - Create a new provider and route calls to (or receive call from) that provider in a simple, forms-driven interface.
  • Rates Management - Manage and define new rates based on country, prefix destination, rate, pulse, disconnection charge, connection charge, grace period, and IVR announcement.
  • Routing - Choose from a variety of options, including Direct Routing, Prefix-based Routing, Least Cost Routing, Round Robin Routing, Fixed-Percentage Routing, Best Route based on PDD and ASR.
  • Reporting - Get detailed reports about different segments of your VoIP business to make an informed decision.