Case Study 1: SkySwitch uses MoSIP to create real differentiation

Customer: SkySwitch
Solution: Mobile Endpoint Application for WebCentrex
Featured Product(s): MoSIP

The Challenge

The market of Hosted IP-PBX providers is a crowded one. SkySwitch was looking for a way to set their WebCentrex white-label hosted IP-PBX solution apart from their competitors. Based on their years of experiences in the space, SkySwitch decided that offering a superior mobile experience for WebCentrex was their pathway to success.

"We were looking for something way beyond the typical 'vanilla' mobile client that was commonly available throughout the industry," said Eric Hernaez, Managing Director at SkySwitch. "Most of the mobile endpoint applications we saw could only interact with a SIP server for call control and presence. We have a much more advanced feature set within the WebCentrex portal, so we wanted to offer much more by extending those features to mobile client users as well."

The Solution

After evaluating multiple vendors, SkySwitch selected Voxvalley to create a bespoke version of the VoxValley MoSIP. The key features that SkySwitch required to be incorporated into MoSIP included:

  • Single sign-on using Hosted PBX username and password
  • Ability to transcoder ILBC to maximize call quality
  • Single button Mid-Call Transfer to Cell Phone or Desk Phone
  • Contact List integration to view presence and contact information for both Hosted and Local lists
  • Local display of Hosted PBX call history, including Incoming and Outgoing indicators
  • The ability to access and control features of WebCentrex including Find-Me/Follow-Me, call recording, Visual Voicemail and any other future feature of platform.

In addition to the user-side features, SkySwitch also wanted to make it as easy as possible to deploy and support the mobile application users. So the following features were all required:

  • Auto-configuration as a SIP endpoint 
  • Provisioning profile for each SkySwitch customer, allowing  SkySwitch to grant access to individual Reseller domains
  • Ability to send logs to support with a button push for ease of Support

"Not only was the base MoSIP client already available for Android and iOS with a superior feature set," Hernaez continued, "but we felt that the team at Voxvalley had deep expertise in both SIP client and SIP server application development. We were confident that they could deliver the customization that we required, properly branded for SkySwitch Resellers and fully integrated with our WebCentrex service."

The Result

After deploying the enhanced MoSIP client, rebranded as PBX Fone, to its Resellers' customer base, SkySwitch was able to more easily differentiate itself from other white label Hosted PBX solutions. The PBX Fone user experience is truly unique. More importantly, SkySwitch has seen a very high adoption rate among its Reseller customers as those resellers are able to satisfy the mobility needs of their own end users. To date over 30 Resellers have incorporated the MoSIP client into their service offerings and that number continues to grow.