MoSIP is a SIP based mobile dialer application for making high quality VoIP calls over the internet. The application is simple and easy-to-use on the go.

MoSIP Plus

MoSIP Plus is a SIP based mobile dialer application with additional IM & SMS features. The application is designed to offer more sociable experience to users.

MoSIP Hybrid

MoSIP Hybrid is a SIP based mobile dialer application that offers PIN less calling with one-time configuration of calling cards. Stop remembering PINs now!


MoSIP PC is a SIP based desktop dialer application designed to allow VoIP calls from laptop/PC to landline or mobile around the world using the internet.

Vox Switch

Vox Switch is a carrier grade softswitch solution that allows routing, billing, carrier management, monitoring & reporting on a single platform.

Vox Bridge

Vox Bridge is a bandwidth optimization software that negotiates issues such as firewalls, VoIP blockages and low bandwidth in the IP network.


MoSIP C5 is an IP PBX mobile client designed to offer PBX functionalities on the go. It's is specifically designed for enterprises to engage in robust business communications.

Vox UC Suite

Vox UC Suite is an on-premise unified communications platform that enables any enterprise or SMB to implement a sophisticated and advanced business communication system to reduce costs and maximize productivity.