Mobile VoIP Solution

Prepaid mobile VoIP is a very lucrative market because the cost to complete international and long distance calls is greatly reduced when using VoIP Technology. Service Providers benefit additionally because there is very little exposure to fraud when VoIP calls are offered as a prepaid service. A turnkey prepaid VoIP platform can enable a start-up provider to deliver a quality service even with little knowledge of VoIP. Large revenue streams can be established if they have a solid distribution channel for their product.

An advanced mobile VoIP solution enables service providers to deliver Calling Cards, PIN less, Mobile PIN-less Dialers, and International Mobile Top-Up services to end-users. It facilitates the back-end functions such as routing, billing, monitoring, reporting, carrier management, DID management, PIN recharge, PIN code generation, and PIN authorization.

Prepaid Calling Cards

Business Ready Mobile VoIP Solution

The entire VoIP operation can be monitored and managed from a centralized browser-based user interface. It provides multi-level user access so that a Service Provider can easily develop a reseller network that can grow the business and earn huge returns.

The Voxvalley prepaid VoIP solution can be deployed quickly and easily with the assistance of Voxvalley's VoIP experts. Our 24/7 support is always available to assist in the smooth operation of the solution once deployment is complete.