Calling Card Solution

The prepaid calling card has been a staple of the telephony industry for decades.

With the advent of VoIP, Calling Cards have become more predominant as rates can be reduced even further using VoIP. There are two types of calling cards, PIN-based and PIN-less. Users of both Calling Card types need to enter the access number (or DID) from their phone and follow the IVR system instructions to complete their calls.

Calling Cards Types

In the case of PIN-based calling cards, the user must enter a Personal Identification Number (PIN) once system answers the call to the access number. If the authentication of the PIN is successful, the system announces the available balance and prompts the user to enter the destination number. In the case of PIN-less calling cards, users enter only the destination number. The authentication is done via ANI authorization after dialing the access number.

Prepaid Calling Cards

Voxvalley can help you with the calling card business.

Voxvalley has extensive experience in delivering high-performance and robust Calling Card platforms. This comprehensive Calling Card platform supports all advanced functions such as flexible routing, integrated billing, advanced IVR system, PIN codes generation system, DID management, carrier management, reporting and monitoring. The advanced routing interface gives the service provider the flexibility to configure Least Cost Routing (LCR), percentage-based and prefix-based routing that drive higher margins by sending calls over the best route for different destinations.

With Voxvalley's Calling Card platform, PIN codes can be sold directly from the system instantly and safely. In addition, the software creates addition revenue opportunities from reselling other PIN code services. Other providers' services (mobile, VoIP, internet, any pre-paid service) can also be sold from the same terminal.

Voxvalley's VoIP experts provide extensive support for the deployment and operation of the Calling Platform to reduce the learning curve and get the service established quickly and easily. The calling card platform is available both as a standalone solution as well as an integrated solution with the softswitch platform.