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MoSIP PC Dialer


MoSIP Desktop is the windows version of the MoSIP client that integrates seamlessly with your switch and with all mobile versions of MoSIP. In addition to a standard set of calling features, the application identifies other users of MoSIP and routes call to that user over VoIP. The desktop application has all the features of MoSIP Basic to keep users’ MoSIP experience consistent.

Leverage MoSIP desktop and offer seamless VoIP calling experience to your customers straight from the comfort of their PCs/laptops.


  • Offer App-to-App & App-to-Phone calling experience to PC and/or laptop users

  • White label branding for offering MoSIP on your own brand name & logo

  • Preconfigured noise & echo cancellation for crystal clear voice quality

  • Simplified login eliminating lengthy login process for using MoSIP PC

  • Compatible with all
    SIP standard softswitches

Features & Benefits

App-to-App & App-to-Phone Calling

A single-function application that offers App-to-App & App-to-Phone calling experience to PC/laptop users.

NAT Traversal

Supports NAT Traversal, enabling calls to complete even when originated from inside a private IP Network.

Noise and Echo Cancellation

Enhances call quality when calling from a noisy environment or using the speaker-phone feature.

User Login Required

Each user has individual credentials to control usage and help prevent fraud.

Compression/Low bandwidth usage

When paired with Vox Bridge, calls can be completed with as little as 20Kpbs of bandwidth

IVR "jump" buttons

This unique feature allows users to enter long sequences of DTMF tones (including pauses, asterisks, and hashes) in order to easily navigate IVR systems and conference bridges that are regularly accessed. For example, if users attend a weekly conference call that requires the user to enter a PIN, Password, and Conference ID, all of that can be stored in a single IVR "jump" button. Once connected to the system, the user simply presses the IVR "jump" button. The entire string is then auto-generated so that the user can "jump" into the conference call.

Call Logs

The application can store up to 50 call logs apart from grouping of calls.

Media Encryption

When paired with Vox Bridge, media and signaling information can be encrypted for addition security.

Connection Status

Displays connection status of the user as "Active" or "Inactive" to other MoSIP Users

Balance Display

When implemented with a pre-paid system, the application queries the server after each call and displays the remaining available balance.

Technical Specifications

  • Compliant as per RFC 3261 standards
  • Audio Calling - Incoming/Outgoing, DTMF Tone generation/detection (RFC 4733/ 2833)
  • Audio Codecs - Speex iLBC, G.711(PCMA/PCMU), G.722, G.729 ,AMR
  • Voice Activity Detection (VAD)
  • Supported Transports: UDP, TCP

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