OTT “Over the Top” Communication Apps

Over the top communication apps are those services that operates over the network infrastructure of telecom carriers. The OTT communications include IM, VoIP, and Video. In other words, applications or services that ride on top of an Internet connection - but have no relationship with the provider of the Internet connection.

OTT Changing the Telecom Landscape

With the latest advancements in telecom landscape and improved mobile data/internet speeds it is evident that VoIP services market is all set to grow exponentially in the coming years. Mobile VoIP has a prominent role to play in this journey. The adoption of smartphones and tablets is forcing the more and more service providers to invest in developing mobile VoIP apps (OTT Apps) to reach wider markets.

Fierce Competition From Free OTT Players

Global operators are faced with many technical and business challenges. One such business challenge is the competition from OTT players like Skype, WhatsApp, Viber, etc. However, for operators who do not have their own telecom infrastructure offering OTT VoIP service is the most efficient and cost effective option to enter into the market. Also, the operators don’t have to make any changes to their existing environment.

Mobile OTT Solutions


  • App to Landline, Mobile Calling
  • App to App Voice Calling
  • 3-way Call Conferencing (Voice)
  • Call Hold
  • Call Mute
  • DTMF Support While in the call (RFC 2833)
  • DID Incoming Calls
  • Pin based Calling Card Dialing
  • Pin less Calling Card Dialing


  • Instant Messaging through XMPP
  • Presence Information through XMPP
  • Status Message Display (Online/Offline)
  • SMS outgoing through HTTP or HTTPS API

UC/IP Telephony

  • Attended Call transfer
  • Un-attended Call transfer
  • Call Swap
  • Call forwarding number configuration
  • DND ( Don’t disturb)
  • Voicemail through DTMF code
  • Image Transfer

App Management

  • Favorites Contacts (Native)
  • Favorites Contacts (through API)
  • Call History Display
  • Sending logs to support by email
  • Push notification integration for incoming calls
  • Native Contacts or Address Book contacts display
  • Address book sync

Information Display Features

  • Talk time Balance Display
  • Call Rates/Minutes display on the keypad page
  • Rates display based on the country name or number
  • All countries rates display
  • Application Localization (Manually)

Social & Monetization

  • Social Media Integration (Facebook, Twitter)
  • Invite Friends through Email or SMS
  • Google AdSense Integration
  • Recharge or Top up account through PayPal
  • Balance transfer between users to user
  • Voucher Recharge

OTT Apps White Label Branding

The white labeling option help allows service operators to quickly embrace the OTT and launch services on their own. Customizing the OTT app with own logo and branding gives the service operators with advantages to capitalize on the existing subscriber base. In addition to logo and branding customizations, the service operators can choose to include customized list of features as per their business requirements.