Why VoIP Tunneling & Encryption is a Must for VoIP Business?

31 May 2016

Leveraging VoIP for cost-effective communication has been receiving a bigger push in the recent past with many aspiring small entrepreneurs are joining the race. However, security and mobile data consumption become the major concerns in delivering services effectively operators. The voice should be transmitted from mobile VoIP application to VoIP softswitch by consuming as much less mobile data as possible. Also they have to ensure that the data is transmitted securely over the internet to the desired destination. Any breach in the transmission due to hacking, malware and other cyber-attacks will result in serious loss both for customers and service providers.

A VoIP tunneling software can help improve the quality of the VoIP network and security issues by allowing media encryption, bypassing firewalls and processing VoIP calls even in low bandwidth areas. With media encryption, all the communication can be encrypted so that no external agent can intercept the transmission for manipulating the data. Bypassing high-end firewalls will ensure that the VoIP services will be available even with IP blockades. Finally and most importantly, low bandwidths will no longer be a concern for the end customers as you can now process calls with minimal bandwidth requirements.

With a secure VoIP network, you will not only enhance the VoIP communication experience for your customers, but also improve your brand loyalty. Especially, if you are into mobile VoIP business, you should make it a point to leverage VoIP tunneling and bandwidth compression software for maintaining a secure VoIP network.

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