Why Resellers Should Start Their Own VoIP Business

22 Jul 2015

VoIP business has turned out to be the most profitable with an increasing number of people adopting VoIP services on a regular basis. Though resellers have tasted great success working for service providers, they have now realized how limitations associated with their position is becoming an impediment for their growth. So, a major portion of resellers are showing high interest in becoming service providers and start their own VoIP Business. The following are the top 5 reasons as to why resellers should start their own VoIP Business.

1. Absolute Freedom

The obvious advantage in running one’s own business is the absolute freedom to make decisions. Usually resellers have no say whatsoever in the business critical decisions taken by their service providers. Regardless of the impact such decisions have, reseller are required to carry out their business operations with business as usual approach. Sometimes, it’s very hard to deal with clients with no influence to fix the problem which was caused by service providers. For instance, a core system breakdown, quality drop in VoIP calls, call disconnections, etc., that amount to poor customer experience. To avoid all this, running own VoIP business would be an ideal solution for resellers.

2. Manage Own Infrastructure

With own VoIP business, resellers can manage their infrastructure cost-effectively and dedicatedly. Though it involves some upfront investment, the profits that it guarantee is huge so that expenses could be compensated in quick time. They can manage their own carriers, add rates, create tariff plans, monitor VoIP traffic, review statistics, etc., from a centralized web user interface of softswitch solution. The effectiveness of running own VoIP business depends upon the versatile capabilities of the softswitch solution. Hence, softswitch solution becomes a very important part of the infrastructure among others.

3. Major Profits Share

Resellers have no option in managing VoIP traffic so they lose a significant amount of profits to service providers. They are only allowed to manage their business activities through an online portal provided to them by service providers. On the other hand, having their own business will allow them to add rates, create tariff plans, mange carriers, review statistics, monitor VoIP traffic, etc., in a cost-effective manner using softswitch solution. Resellers can scout for best termination gateway providers who can offer competitive routes with high call quality and later embed them into the softswitch solution. This way they can keep the profit margins high while still offering the best VoIP calling experience to users.

4. More Business Opportunities

With own VoIP business, resellers can leverage more business opportunities and make big profits. More importantly, they can now tap the network of resellers to sell their VoIP traffic. They can overcome all the pain areas associated with reselling VoIP traffic and assure their resellers with a competitive price offerings.

5. Greater Customer Satisfaction

The vast experience and exposure of reselling VoIP business will help resellers to better establish themselves as service providers in the industry. So, it’s a great opportunity for reseller to start their own business and compete with other service providers in the industry. With better knowledge on customer issues such as call disconnections, dropped calls, low voice quality, etc., resellers can manage their infrastructure in such a way that all such issues are resolved at the earliest. As a result, they can be assured of greater customer satisfaction.

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