Why PC Dialer is Still Popular in this Smartphone Era?

27 Oct 2016

Though smartphone (with mobile dialer) has taken away the sheen from PC dialer due to its mobility and agility features, the truth of the matter is, PC dialer is still relevant in this smartphone era. It could be reasoned that the personal connection that users have with PCs and laptops tend them to continue using PC dialers for making long distance calls using VoIP. Also, as users confine themselves to a particular place while using PC dialers, there is no external noisy environment and this makes for an enjoyable calling experience.

In most cases, it wouldn’t be professional for corporate customers to use smartphones for conversing with prospective clients. On contrary, the impact that PC dialers would create on clients is phenomenal. PC dialers help create a professional aura within the office space setting the right tone for business. Agreed that mobile workforce would need smartphone dialers instead of PC dialers to discharge their duties but within the office space PC dialers would find its relevance.

Issues such as battery drain and security encountered in using smartphones can be completely eliminated with PCs and laptops for making long distance calls using VoIP. Like smartphone dialers even PC dialers have different upgraded versions released from time to time in order to allow users access the latest features. Also, the affordable rates of PCs and laptops make them the right choice for corporate environment.

So, considering the age long impact PCs and laptops have on humans, PC dialers would still remain a dominant medium for communication in the fast-paced smartphone era.

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