Why Hosted Softswitch Can be a Priceless Offering for Small Business

01 Dec 2014

The effectiveness of VoIP communication wouldn’t have been possible had it not been the vital role played by VoIP softswitch. It is the central component of VoIP business that has been credited for multiple functionalities. Basically, it uses VoIP technology over the internet to route calls from one phone line to another within the switch network. Apart from routing, it also facilitates advanced functionalities such as Switching, Invoice & Billing, Report Generation, etc.

The functionalities offered differ from one VoIP solution provider to another based on their competencies. Thus, businesses can make a good use of VoIP softswitch to scale up their telecom business.

An easy route for small businesses to stay competitive…

So far the telecom industry has been dominated by big VoIP players who are at great advantage of getting access to cutting-edge technologies that help them to boost their VoIP business. Mostly, these businesses go with on-premise softswitch solution which is a costly affair.

But small businesses cannot afford on-premise softswitch solution considering the fact it requires heavy investment for securing necessary infrastructure followed by maintenance. Instead, they can leverage hosted softswich solution which is reasonable and reliable to stay competitive. Particularly, it means small businesses can take the advantage of cloud for accessing advanced features.

How hosted softswitch benefit small businesses?

  • Cost-effective Solution – Small businesses can put hosted softswitch solution to good use as it is very cost-effective. They can forget about possessing on-premise softswitch solution which is pricey, and start taking full advantage of hosted softswitch.
  • No Infrastructure Required – As it is a hosted softswitch, these businesses need not worry about securing infrastructure (server & software) and maintaining it. With absolutely zero maintenance, they can fully concentrate on their business goals.
  • Access to Advanced Features – The features and capabilities so far preserved to only few through on-premise solutions are now open to small businesses through hosted softswitch. Features such as mobility, unified communications, voicemail-to-email, presence information, IP telephony, video conferencing, etc., can be easily accessed via hosted softswitch.
  • Work from Anywhere – The biggest advantage that hosted softswitch can deliver is the comfort of working from anywhere. Regardless of the position of employees, direct access and communication to the corporate network is provided by hosted softswitch. This results in enhanced business productivity and efficacy.
  • Quick Decision-Making – With hosted softswitch, tasks can be accomplished more quickly as decisions can be make much faster. Small businesses can generate more business by making appropriate decisions.

On the flip side, it doesn’t mean only small business can take advantage of hosted softswitch as now-a-days an increasing number of big players are showing an inclination towards hosted softswitch solution.

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