VoIP Call Shops a Lucrative Business Opportunity for Internet Cafés

24 Dec 2015

VoIP based Call Shops has acquired much prominence in regions where there is low mobile phone penetration and limited home phone connection. As it uses VoIP technology, people are bound to benefit from making cheap international and long distance calls. In a way, VoIP Call Shops are helping people from remote areas to access VoIP services for low costs. As a result, there is huge surge in demand for VoIP Call Shops across the world.

More Business Potential for Internet Cafes

Particularly, Internet Cafes can see great potential in offering VoIP Call Shops to their customers as additional services. This will not only add up to their revenue but also invites more and more customers to use Internet Cafes as one stop destination for diverse purposes. To make it easy for Internet Café owners, solution vendors have been offering turnkey Call Shop solution which is very easy to operate. As part of call shop solution, Internet Café owners get call shop software, browser-based user interface and softphone clients.

Typically, a call shop solution enables Internet Café owners to perform routing, billing, reporting and monitoring functions through browser-based user interface which is username and password protected. To get started, Internet Café owners have to install the Call Shop solution on the hardware server whose specifications can be obtained from solution vendors. Next, they can create multiple booths specific to destinations and configure the softphone clients to each booth. Whenever a call shop user hangs up the call, an invoice is automatically generated at owners’ desk so that they can bill the usage accordingly. The browser-based user interface is the key to monitor and administer the entire call shop operations. So, Internet Café owners will not feel much difference in operating call shops as additional facility for their customers.

For making big profits, Internet Café owners are advised to target educational institutions and universities where the demand for making cheap international and long distance calls are very high.

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