Top Things to Consider before Buying a Wholesale Softswitch

14 Oct 2016

For running a wholesale VoIP business, wholesale Softswitch is a must for VoIP operators. Usually, wholesale VoIP business deals with the aggregation of traffic and exchanging them between VoIP operators. Both traffic suppliers and clients form, the integral part of this business. Keeping these things in mind, one can simply think of the prominence a wholesale Softswitch has in a VoIP wholesale business.

Right Billing Platform
You should check if the softswitch has an integrated billing platform that’s required to collect information about calls and other services. CDRs (Call Detail Record) generated by billing platform help in accurate billing of clients. Also, the billing platform should be robust and scalable to handle large volumes of traffic for billing clients accurately.

Least Cost Routing
Check if your softswitch supports LCR option. LCR is the advanced routing method to automatically choose the cost-effective route from the list of routes available in the network for transmitting calls. Thus, calls are transmitted using cost-effective routes guaranteeing expected returns.

In addition, percentage routing is another option where certain percentages are assigned to the list of routes available so that calls get transmitted through the route that has the highest percentage. If this route is not available, then call is transmitted through the next highest percentage route and so on. The percentages are fixed considering factors such as price, quality, strength, etc., of the routes.  So, if your softswitch also supports this routing option then you can tap more revenue.

Protocol & Codec Compatibility
Your softswitch should support protocols and codecs that your business needs for seamless transmission of VoIP traffic. If your suppliers and clients are using different codecs not supported by your softswitch then calls doesn’t get terminated at the destination. So, it’s better to have a softswitch that has or supports transcoding facility so that protocols and codecs are converted in desired formats for seamless call transmission.

Reporting and Monitoring
Your softswitch should enable you to generate performance and revenue based reports for profit analysis. Positive trends can foster innovation and help in better decision making. Negative trends will allow you to implement damage control measures and change the strategy to get things back on track. Live call monitoring would ensure utmost fairness and transparency in the process.

User-friendly Web User Interface
A centralized web user interface to monitor and manage business operations such as routing, billing, monitoring and reporting is a must for easing your business efforts. The user interface should be accessible from PC and mobile devices. So, your VoIP Softswitch should support intuitive web user interface.

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