The Rising Popularity of Hosted PBX

09 Apr 2015

Cloud technology has definitely eased the efforts of enterprises and businesses in saving a significant spend on the infrastructure. IP PBX is one such enterprise solution which is most preferred as hosted solution using cloud technology. According to Eastern Management Group, the global market potential of PBX is pegged at $ 40 billion dollars. So, more and more companies worldwide are eyeing on hosted IP PBX solution to tap its potential business opportunities. This rising popularity of hosted PBX can be attributed to the following reasons.

Business Interest in Hosted IP PBX Solution

Today 9 out of 10 companies are willing to go for Hosted IP PBX solutions for the kind of pricing benefits it offers. They can get packaged offerings suited to their business requirements. Also, because of competitive pricing, these enterprises/businesses can get a good deal worth its money.

Monetary gains aside, it is the hassle-free experience that is very much appreciated by the companies. They no longer need to procure infrastructure and take care of its maintenance. The IP PBX solution is hosted in the cloud and made available to these companies who can seamlessly conduct VoIP functions without a break in business operations. Also as it is IP based PBX, the communication costs can be significantly reduced and any number of softphones of IP phones can be added into the system. Thus, it is a scalable and reliable solution.

Better VoIP Support

Earlier, companies used to face problems with their VoIP systems especially during conference calls where there has been voice delay and interference. Thanks to hosted PBX solution, companies can now engage in conference calls from anywhere in absolutely safe and secure environment.

Further, the IP telephony feature of hosted PBX solution has made businesses to shy away from traditional telephony. Employees can get their mobile phones configured with the hosted PBX and stay connected from anywhere around the world. Also, they get access to advanced VoIP features such as Find Me, Follow Me, Auto Attendant, Presence, Conferencing, etc., that makes corporate business communication even more interesting and professional.

Easy Outreach for Unified Communications

Unified Communications is beyond voice telephony. It involves calendaring, scheduling, video calls, multi-media messaging, email, fax and more. The first generation UC were on on-premises but with the availability of cloud technology it can now be hosted for easy accessibility and usability.  This is where hosted PBX assumes greater significance as it serves as the first step towards easy outreach for unified communications.

Easy Setup and Zero Maintenance

In the case of hosted PBX, businesses need not worry about maintenance of infrastructure as everything is taken care by providers only. Also as it is a scalable solution, it can fit or adapt any kind of business environment. Customized features can be readily made available through hosted PBX depending upon the business requirements. With multiple players entering the market, a better negotiation can be done while availing packaged offerings.

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