The Most Common Types of Mobile VoIP Dialers

30 Nov 2015

Ever wondered what are the types of mobile VoIP dialers available in the market for VoIP communication? This post will introduce you to all such mobile VoIP dialers that have been a rage among global audience.

1. Basic Mobile VoIP Dialers

In the basic version of mobile VoIP dialers, users can only make international long distance and domestic VoIP calls at low rates. Service providers leverage such mobile dialers to offer high quality VoIP calling experience to end users. These mobile dialers are an instant hit in VoIP blocked countries where people are always in the search for alternate means of cheap communication.

Basic mobile dialer offers simple UI with not too many features. However, address book integration is an interesting feature that allows users to simply select a contact and initiate a VoIP call.

2. Advanced Mobile VoIP Dialers

The advanced version of mobile VoIP dialers offer value added features such as IM & SMS in addition to the mainstream VoIP calling. These mobile dialers are very much in the trend and people worldwide are seen busy in getting connected with each other using texting tools. So, providing quicker and wider choice of communication channels form the base of the advanced mobile VoIP dialers.

The dialer’s UI is more intuitive and trendy to suit the millennials. Apart from address book integration, these dialers also offer NAT traversal, presence, call logs, balance transfer, IVR announcement, etc., that make for a complete VoIP communication experience.  Currently, advanced mobile VoIP dialers are selling like hot cakes in the market.

3. Hybrid Mobile VoIP Dialers

Hybrid mobile VoIP dialers bring calling cards and VoIP calling experience on a single platform. Alternatively called as calling card dialer, the primary focus is to simplify the calling cards use and allow users to switch between the two channels of communication at their convenience. As a result, users will now be able to make VoIP calls even without internet connection. When internet connectivity is available, the dialer switches to the VoIP subscriber account for initiating the call. Users need not remember lengthy PIN codes and access numbers as the dialer itself picks up the necessary credentials automatically to initiate the call via calling card account.

4. UC Mobile VoIP Dialers

As the name itself suggests, these are UC enabled mobile VoIP dialers which find much use in an enterprise working environment. Employees or staff in an enterprise can download mobile UC client or dialer on their favorite devices and get connected to the corporate communication network. They can seamlessly access UC features such as email, texting, group chat, audio/video/web conferencing, file transfer, fax, etc., that eases their job functions and enhances productivity. Also, they can enjoy the flexibility to work from anywhere and at any time without missing on any important piece of information.

One thought on “The Most Common Types of Mobile VoIP Dialers

  1. Great, you make some cool categories for Dialer and I am totally agree with your opinion. Nowadays, there are a wide variety of mobile dialers available in global communication market(VoIP) and this is tremendously impacting on communication technologies.

    Price reducing is main feature of VoIP and latest technology make mobile dialer flexible, comfortable and user friendly. Similarly, SBO is such a technology that make VoIP more profitable and user friendly.

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