Smartphone Technology & Mobile VoIP Business

20 May 2016

Smartphone technology has been a revolution in the communications field as it continues to bring the world to the palm of our hands. The combination of VoIP and Smartphone has been phenomenal in the IP communications industry as the potentiality of VoIP could be widely explored with the use of smartphones. Particularly, smartphone has been a boon to the mobile VoIP business. With the latest of smartphones providing internet accessibility to 3G/4G/LTE/Wi-Fi/Wi-Max, users could easily access the VoIP services which are mainly dependent on high-speed internet connection.

Gone are the days when smartphones used to be very expensive as the smartphone technology was owned by limited makers. But with changing times, many new smartphone makers have come into existence thereby trimming the costs of smartphones. Today, a user can own a smartphone with high-end configurations at just $100. With smartphones becoming affordable, people worldwide have been showing a special interest in owing these devices. Add to that, the awareness of the benefits of mobile VoIP has also necessitated users to buy a smartphone and explore mobile VoIP solutions for cheaper long distance calling. Even smartphone makers are aligning their technology to aid OTT apps as they are the need of the hour.

With easy access to internet connection via smartphones, the platform is set for the mobile VoIP providers to expand their outreach. More focus goes into the selection of mobile VoIP apps as people worldwide have outgrown the use of IP telephony as they are now interested in quick messaging tools such as SMS and IM. Thus, there is surge in demand for mobile VoIP services largely aided by the increased smartphone connection and rapid adoption of 3G and 4G communication networks.

According to Junipers Research, there would be approximately 1bn mobile VoIP users by 2017. All thanks to the smartphone technology and the evolution of mobile broadband networks.


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