SIP Based Mobile Dialers Are Here To Stay

11 Dec 2015

VoIP services are being consumed by end users for making cheap calls locally and internationally. As a result, many people around the world are steadily migrating from traditional telephony services to VoIP services. In the initial stages of VoIP adoption, traditional telephony network scored high over VoIP network in terms of QoS (quality of service). However, with the implementation of SIP protocol the call quality has drastically improved allowing end users to make cheap VoIP calls with lot many features than the traditional telephony system. Thus, the prominence of SIP came into being which is now regarded as the basic building block of VoIP.

Rising popularity of Mobile VoIP

The primary reason for SIP based mobile dialers to continue existing is the rising popularity of mobile VoIP. Increased smartphone penetration and easy accessibility to internet has motivated people worldwide to use mobile VoIP services for making cheap audio and video calls. Add to that, SIP based mobile VoIP dialers are available across wide range of operating platforms and can co-exist with any VoIP service.

According to Junipers Research, there would be approximately 1bn mobile VoIP subscribers by 2017. All thanks to mobile VoIP dialers which are easily downloadable onto any mobile device to start using the low cost mobile VoIP services.

Additional security with SIP based mobile dialers

VoIP encryption can be easily achieved with SIP based mobile VoIP dialers, allowing service providers to bypass firewalls in VoIP blocked countries thereby ensuring smooth flow of VoIP traffic. Upon that, a single SIP account can be used with any SIP based mobile VoIP dialer and with any VoIP service. So, it offers more flexibility to end users accounting for good user experience.

More features to make VoIP communication

Unlike other internet protocols, SIP protocol is increasingly used for VoIP, presence and instant messaging in the next generation networks. So, SIP based mobile dialers can be used to access IM, SMS, presence, audio and video calls that open for a broad range of VoIP communication channels. End users can conveniently use their mode of communication to get connected with their loved ones using SIP based mobile dialers.

Considering all these reasons, it is safe to say SIP based mobile dialers are here to stay.

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