Routing Engine – A must have software for wholesale VoIP carriers

28 Aug 2015

Wholesale carriers are often challenged with the task of revising rates and routing algorithms dynamically based on their business requirements. Though softswitch solution supports such an arrangement, the load on the proxy servers which is responsible for processing routing requests and improve signaling path robustness is increasing very much. As a result, the switch performance is drastically affected resulting in poor business revenues. Also, it’s not a good practice to manually revise the rates every time as it can be susceptible to human errors.

To avoid such a disturbance situation and reduce processing load on proxy servers, an external routing engine is a must for wholesale carriers. The external routing engine is typically a redirect server solution that can be added into the network to reduce the load on proxy servers and increase the wholesale softswitch performance. The routing engine can be very much useful to implement LCR routing which requires routing tables to be created so that calls can be terminated through the most inexpensive routes. This can happen provided wholesale carriers have interconnections with other networks.

Benefits of Routing Engine for Wholesale Carriers

  • Increased Switch Performance – As the routing engine can take off the LCR processing from switch, the switch performance increases greatly.
  • Dynamic Rate & Routing Updates – With the help of routing engine, rate and routing updates can be dynamically updated and the calls can be processed on the same characteristics through the switch.
  • Stable & Profitable Business – As wholesale carriers deal with huge volumes of traffic, routing engine can play a crucial role in effectively processing the calls through switch for business stability and profitability.
  • Scalability – Routing engine offers scalability through the addition of servers based on load requirements.

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