Robust Billing Can Improve Your Calling Card Business

29 Jan 2016

To run a successful prepaid calling card business, calling card solution plays a prominent role. Within the calling card solution, softswitch is the central component which defines functions such as routing, billing, monitoring and reporting. Though softswitch figures in every turnkey calling card solution, it is your responsibility to evaluate its performance before engaging into calling card business.

Today, most softswitches used in prepaid calling card solutions are rich in routing aspects, but weak in billing aspects of the business. As a result, calling card business owners are facing serious trouble in maintaining the customer records and tracking their usage for accurate billing. Just imagine how a single instance of unbilled minutes can do to your calling card business. Very soon, all the business profits would vanish. Another instance of customer being wrongly billed can seriously dent your business image and it becomes difficult for customer retention. With a robust billing in softswitch, you can easily mitigate all these risks and see to it that customers are rightly billed as per their usage.

Softswitch Billing Must be More Robust in Nature

Billing in softswitch not only enables service providers with generating customer bills, but also them the flexibility to accommodate all kinds of rate plans specific to a particular destination and community. For example, if your business is concentrated in Dubai then it is likely that you create rate plans specific to Dubai audience for inviting more business. Likewise, if your business is concentrated on Indian immigrants in US then you create rate plans specific to them. So, it becomes complex when you start concentrating on different markets with different audience. All these rate plans have to be rightly analyzed and implemented by your softswitch billing in order to generate the accurate bills. Also, the softswitch billing of your calling card solution has to take care of all the taxes applicable, discounts, dues, etc., and generate the final bill that is easily understandable by your customers.

Furthermore, the softswitch billing must be stable enough to process large number of customer records without breaking down. With these capabilities included, our calling card solution can help you expand your calling card business into newer markets.

Voxvalley Technologies offers an excellent calling card solution that features all-in-one softswitch with robust billing, advanced routing, comprehensive reporting and monitoring for managing a profitable calling card business.

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