Raise Your Revenue with VoIP Calling Card Business

15 Jun 2015

If you’re new to VoIP industry then it’s better to take up VoIP calling card business which is cost-effective and reliable. To start VoIP calling card business, you should purchase VoIP calling card platform which can be installed on your server. The calling card platform performs routing, billing, monitoring and reporting functions apart from facilitating calling cards PIN code generation. The entire business operations can be conveniently managed and monitored by using centralized web user interface.

Calling Card Types

Usually, calling cards are of two types namely PIN based calling cards and PIN less calling cards. Calling cards are used for making cheap long distance and international calls by worldwide users. Both cards require users to dial the access number (or DID) and follow the IVR system. In the case of PIN based calling cards, users have to enter the PIN code after dialing the access number. After successful authentication, users can dial the destination number. Whereas in the case of PIN less calling cards, users can directly dial the destination number after the access number is entered.


Authentication in calling cards is very important to avoid any misuse and ensure seamless calling experience to users. The authentication in PIN based calling cards are done through PIN whereas it is ANI authentication for PIN less calling cards. So, you can securely manage both type of calling cards business.


In order to raise your revenue, routing plays a very vital role in calling card business as it offers the choice of different routing types. If you have interconnected with various termination providers around the world, then you can choose appropriate routing type making use of the cost-effective routing paths. As a result, your business can flourish with more revenues.


There are various types of billing that can add up to your overall business revenue. An effective billing platform will check the applicable rate plans created by you and apply the same for billing users. It ensures not to miss any calling minutes by generating accurate invoices. Further, user accounts are maintained and managed efficiently.

Reporting & Monitoring

Both reporting and monitoring functions of calling card platform will help you in better decision making. You can generate various reports such as revenue report, performance report and retail account report to identify, analyze and fix the issues. Also, live call monitoring gives more control over your business.
The entire calling card business operations can be managed and monitored centrally through a web user interface. Thus, calling card business offers great opportunity for you to drive more business and generate increased revenues.

One thought on “Raise Your Revenue with VoIP Calling Card Business

  1. i am interested in the platform Would like to know below
    1. VoIP calling card platform setup and system cost
    2.Will you provide platform to interconnect with various termination providers (PBX like setup)
    3.Also will you provide the demo of your VoIP calling card platform
    4.MOSIP like software application and update cost (If Any)

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