Pitfalls to Avoid in Mobile VoIP Business

24 Dec 2015

Though mobile VoIP business is lucrative in nature, it might soon dissolve if you don’t do enough to avoid the following pitfalls.

Leveraging mobile VoIP dialers that doesn’t support high-quality audio codecs

One of the key things to consider while leveraging mobile VoIP dialers for your mobile VoIP business is to check its capabilities for supporting high-quality codecs such as G.729 and AMR or iLBC which have high compression ratio and offers crystal clear voice quality to your customers. Mobile dialers that doesn’t support high-quality audio codecs will soon fade away your business as customers today are very critical about the quality of service (QoS) being provided to them. As a best practice, try to list down the audio codecs that fit your business requirements and accordingly leverage mobile VoIP dialers that support these codecs.

Not ensuring compatibility between mobile dialers and softswitch

This might sound simple but has a larger impact in the longer run. Unless, you establish compatibility between mobile dialers and softswitch, you will not be able to deliver quality VoIP services to customers. If you have a SIP standard softswitch then it can co-exist with any of the SIP based mobile dialers. Also, going with SIP based software can be beneficial to your mobile VoIP business as it enables you to perform a wide range of activities which are otherwise not possible with other protocols. As a best practice try to source mobile dialers and VoIP softswitch from the same solution vendor so that you can get immediate help should there arise any issue.

No means to tackle prominent issues such as packet loss, jitter & echo

Packet loss, jitter & echo are some of the prominent issues that need special attention otherwise it can seriously dent your mobile VoIP business. Insufficient bandwidth, VoIP blockages, poor quality dialers, etc., are some of the causes for these issues. While using VoIP tunneling software can mitigate most of these issues, the selection of mobile VoIP dialers rests in your own hands. Good VoIP tunneling software uses strong encryption layers, sophisticated obfuscation and anti-block layers and intelligent transport layers to avoid deep packet inspection and easily bypass high-end firewalls to deliver seamless VoIP services.

No efficient support system to resolve customer issues

Your job is not done just by delivering VoIP services to customers. There should be an efficient support system in place to assist customers on various issues concerning mobile dialers and VoIP services. A multi-lingual support team operating 24/7 could be the best option to win your customer confidence and keep the business going.

Compromising data security & customer confidentiality

As data packets are transmitted over the internet, there is strong probability of intervention by external elements such as hackers thereby compromising the data security. So, as the service provider it is your responsibility to ensure date security and customer confidentiality by leveraging strong VoIP encryption software. Also, the mobile VoIP dialers that you leverage for your mobile VoIP business should have in-built encryption capabilities.

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