How to Add More Value to Your Retail VoIP Business?

Retail VoIP business continues to be on high demand because of the growing consumption of VoIP services globally. Most importantly, it is the mobile VoIP that has been contributing immensely towards the growth of retail VoIP business. The increased smartphone penetration and the rapid adoption of 3G and 4G communication networks has boosted the growth […]

An Important Component in VoIP Business – Softswitch

The technology of VoIP or Voice over Internet Protocol has brought a revolution in massive proportion in the telecommunication industry. Through this unique platform, voice signal communications are converted to secure data packets that travel over the web to the desired destination. The technology has brought down the cost of long-distance calls to a fraction…

Mobile VoIP Can Become a Game Changer for Your VoIP Business

If you haven’t yet started capitalizing on mobile VoIP business then you are seriously missing out on great revenue making opportunity. Smartphones have continued to play a bigger role in defining how we consume the internet broadband. They continue to boost Mobile VoIP, which is one the fastest growing markets largely dependent on the good […]

5 Top Things to Consider While Choosing VoIP Softswitch

For any VoIP service provider, VoIP Softswitch forms the key component for successfully delivering VoIP services to end users. The correct functioning of VoIP softswitch is directly linked to the performance of their business. If you’re a VoIP service provider then you might want to consider the following things to ensure the smooth running of…

Hybrid Dialers and Their Significance for Service Providers

Typically, for using calling cards a user has to buy a calling card which provides necessary details such as PIN code, DID number (Access Number), denomination, calling instructions, feature codes, etc. For dialing a destination number from mobile phone (not necessarily smartphone), a user has to first enter the DID number so that the IVR […]

Why Softswitch is considered as the Backbone of any VoIP Business?

It’s true that softswitch is the backbone of any VoIP business due to many reasons. For the starters, it performs basic functions such as routing, billing, reporting and monitoring which are the most essentials for any VoIP business. With growing demand for VoIP services, each function is again strengthened with robust features in order to…

What is IVR & Its Importance in VoIP Communication

IVR stands for Interactive Voice Response. It is an intelligent technology which allows users to communicate with system/machine that is pre-coded with the set of instructions as played out by IVR. The primary reason for having an IVR system in place is to reduce manual labor for assisting the users over the phone call. For…