Mobility Is The Next Big Thing In Enterprise World

09 Sep 2016

Enterprises communications have reached a new level with most enterprises leveraging UC/IP-PBXs for enhanced communication capabilities, profitability, customer service, and employee satisfaction. Enterprises are not averse to the idea of mobility which further cuts down their infrastructure costs and optimizes resource utilization. So, the complexity in maintaining the office space with physical hardware can be efficiently handled by tapping mobility for enterprise communications. Also, with mobile UC softphones readily available across diverse platforms, enterprises see achieving mobility as the icing on the cake.

There are many independent mobile UC clients that can be easily configured with the office UC/IP-PBX system and made available to employees. Enterprises can control and manage the business content and access privileges from a centralized location in order to effect better results. As for the employees, even if they are road warriors or located in a different country can still connect with their peers, clients and customers from the comfort of their mobile devices while still using the office IP-PBX network.

The concept of mobility gets much more interesting when enterprises start leveraging UC enabled mobile VoIP apps for it enables them to extend UC capabilities to mobile devices. As a result, employees can access UC features such as email, texting, group chat, file transfer, fax, audio/video/web conferencing, etc., for better management of time and communications. Thus, enterprises can effect profitability, better customer service and employee satisfaction.

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