Mobile VoIP: VoIP Top Up and Voucher Recharge

21 Mar 2016

Starting a successful mobile VoIP business is one aspect and managing it efficiently is another. Mobile VoIP business isn’t just about facilitating the customers with cheaper VoIP calls but also offering value added options that improves customer stickiness. Online top-ups and voucher recharge are two such features that retail VoIP consumers would find very valuable. These can be implemented by selecting a robust mobile VoIP solution.

Smartphones and Flexibility

VoIP consumers have become extremely mobile, thanks to the phenomenal growth of mobile broadband and competitive pricing. Consumers are embracing the flexibility of online payments like never before. Consumers want to accomplish everything at place. This raises a serious requirement for a holistic mobile VoIP service that offers all the flexibility features.

Most of the mobile VoIP businesses are un-organized and have very limited market reach. These businesses mostly serve limited geographical regions, sometimes a single city too. These business owners mostly sell their services local convenient stores, internet cafés, book shops. This means if a consumer wants to top up mobile VoIP balance, there is no option left other than to physically reach out to the vendor.

Top-ups and Voucher Recharges

Top-up in simple words is the facility offered to mobile VoIP consumers to add mobile VoIP minutes balance to accounts within the network using an online web portal. In some cases, the consumers can also send their minutes to friends and family who are within the network. On the other hand Voucher Recharge can be explained as the facility to add mobile VoIP minutes using prepaid vouchers. These vouchers again have to be purchased with vendor by directly walking into store where they are sold.

Implementing Top-up & Voucher Recharge in Mobile VoIP Business

Mobile VoIP operators can easily implement the top-up and voucher recharge options in their network with the help of an advanced VoIP softswitch and new age mobile VoIP app which supports these features.

Voxvalley offers a complete mobile VoIP solution, which includes, Vox Switch – a feature rich softswitch and MoSIP mobile app for VoIP calling. Both the components can be white labeled to match your business branding requirements. To learn more contact us today.

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