Mobile Dialer with Encryption – Solid Answer to Firewall Blockages

03 Nov 2015

Mobile VoIP has become a predominant business model in the IP communication industry. According to Juniper Research, there will be an estimated 1 billion mobile VoIP users by 2017. This figure is supported by the fact that individuals and corporate consumers are strongly rooting for mobility for enhanced communication capabilities and flexibility.

Mobile dialer or mobile VoIP app is the key driver of mobile VoIP business. Service providers leverage mobile dialers as endpoints to deliver their VoIP services. Users can download the mobile dialers onto their favorite mobile devices (smartphones/tablets) and start making VoIP calls at low rates. However, to enjoy quality calls, users need to have a good bandwidth internet connection.

VoIP encryption is the latest trend

Although, mobile VoIP continues to be the profitable business for VoIP service providers, it has its own challenges. Apart from low bandwidth, it is the firewall blockages that seriously hurt the provider-customer relationship a lot. With firewall blockages, calls won’t be terminated leading to call drops and call disconnections. This is a familiar situation in countries which doesn’t support the over-the-top apps that uses internet as the medium to transmit data. Thus, service providers tend to lose lucrative mobile VoIP business in the firewall zones. But, not anymore with the arrival of anti-block dialers that easily bypasses high-end firewalls to terminate the calls in the desired destinations.

Anti-block mobile dialers are supported by a special tunneling and encryption software that accounts for seamless VoIP communication experience for end users. In fact, the software also helps service providers to negotiate low bandwidth issues further adding up to the excellent user experience. So, these dialers can be very effective in developing countries that have firewall regulations in place.

Not only service providers, but even enterprises can leverage anti-block dialers as extensions to cut down the communication costs and achieve high employee productivity. Thus, anti-block dialers help in the creation of safe and secure communication environment.

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