Low Investment Ways to Start off VoIP Businesses

20 Aug 2015

Retail VoIP is the most profitable and convenient VoIP business provided you are equipped with the right retail softswitch. The softswitch solution offers routing, billing, monitoring, reporting and carrier management on a single platform saving significant costs. The entire solution comes up with a centralized web user interface that allows easy monitoring and managing of VoIP business functions.

Routing abilities of retail softswitch plays a vital role in handling large volumes of traffic efficiently and effortlessly. Routing types such as dial plan, LCR routing and percentage routing offer enough options to retail VoIP providers in deciding profit margins and selection of quality routes. Live call monitoring allows providers to access all live calls that take place through the switch solution. Billing functionality will ensure accurate billing irrespective of the volume of traffic. Reporting allows you to generate different kinds of reports such as performance report, revenue report and retail account report for effective decision making and seamless VoIP business.

Overall, a retail softswitch packs up all the essential retail VoIP business functions together and helps retail VoIP providers to scale up their business at significantly low costs. Vox Switch Retail VoIP solution offers one such cost-effective way to get started with VoIP business. The solution is scalable and customizable as per the growing needs of your business. To save a great deal of costs and benefit hugely, get started with Vox Switch Retail VoIP Solution today.

Vox Switch goes a step further and allows retail providers to manage different users under them through a centrally managed web user-interface and provides other value added services. Put together, these combination of features make for a powerful Retail Softswitch Solution to providers.

We offer what’s best for your business. Request free trial and check how each of these solutions would meet your expectations.

2 thoughts on “Low Investment Ways to Start off VoIP Businesses

  1. I am enzo am new in this business and will like to know more about how the devices work in the reselling of viop.so I go need a thorough explaining into the business. Thanks and counting on your cooperation.

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