Low Investment Business Opportunities in Mobile VoIP

07 Aug 2015

Mobile VoIP refers to the pairing of VoIP with cellular phones. It allows users to make cheap international long distance VoIP calls and domestic calls from their mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets using internet as the medium to transmit data packets from source to destination.

Opportunities Aplenty in Mobile VoIP!

As per the report “VoIP Services Market – Global Industry Analysis, Size, Share, Growth, Trends and Forecast 2014 – 2020” from Transparency Market Research the global VoIP services market is expected to expand at 9.7% CAGR till 2020. Mobile VoIP is one of the key influential factors driving this expansion in the global VoIP services market. The phone-to-phone or mobile VoIP market segment is expected to witness a healthy CAGR of 14.7% during the forecast period. Such is the importance of mobile VoIP in the global VoIP services market that every service provider vies to boost a larger subscriber base and make big profits.

There are plentiful of low investment business opportunities in mobile VoIP. You can target both corporate consumers and individual consumers with mobile VoIP services. To offer mobile VoIP services, you need mobile VoIP clients, softswitch solution and hardware server. The VoIP softswitch solution would be installed on the hardware server and operations such as routing, billing, monitoring and reporting would be carried out through a centralized web user interface. Mobile VoIP clients would serve as perfect end points for delivering the VoIP services to end customers. It can be data, voice, video and multimedia VoIP services that customers use to connect with their near and dear ones at lowest rates.

Get The Basics Right!

But, here’s the catch: if you want to run mobile VoIP services make sure that the softswitch solution that you use supports integrated billing system and advanced routing methods. LCR (least cost routing) is the most cost-effective routing method that can bring maximum benefits for your business. It picks up the least cost route from the available list of routes for a particular destination to terminate the calls efficiently.

In mobile VoIP, the selection of mobile VoIP application is very crucial. The mobile client should be SIP based so that it can easily communicate with all SIP standard softswitches. Also, the application must be available across all major platforms so that you can easily reach out to your customers anywhere across the globe. Further, the communication through these SIP clients should be in the encrypted format so that it would be difficult for anyone to decrypt the data. Thus, the data remains always secure adding more to your customer satisfaction.

Mobile VoIP is for everyone!

In the case of enterprises who have their employees travelling all the time, mobile VoIP can come as a great means to connect them with your business phone system. This not only avoid you to spare the huge monthly phone bills, but also helps to improve the overall business productivity. On the other hand, individual customers who wish to enjoy cheap VoIP calls can download the mobile client on to their mobile devices and sign up for VoIP services.

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