Importance of VoIP Softswitch in 2015

23 Feb 2015

VoIP industry is witnessing tremendous revenue generating opportunities due to the rise in demand for VoIP services. Especially, the years of 2015 and 2016 are said to be very crucial for leading the future breakthroughs in VoIP industry. Hence, a lot of businesses are getting their hands on to this rapidly evolving technology for improved means of communication. While the most important and interesting benefit of VoIP communication is cost-effectiveness and access to wide variety of media options which will enrich the communication and account for endearing experience for customers. 

The projected growth of Mobile VoIP users for the year of 2015 turns out to be 30 million according to a random survey report.  It can be viewed as the testament to VoIP taking over on all other forms of traditional communication to emerge as the number one choice.

Mobile VoIP Users Statistics


The reasons that were listed are shown below:

  • Cost-effectiveness
  • Changing of customer preferences and business processes
  • More smartphone makers joining the market to present diverse mobile devices
  • Ability of VoIP to deliver rich media, voice quality, phone number portability, service portability, integrated applications, user control interfaces and other rich features
  • Rising competition among the telecommunication service providers and internet service providers
  • Improved wired and wireless network infrastructure

In view of the above developments one can blindly assess the importance of VoIP Softswitch which forms the central component in the VoIP business. This is particularly true when a growing number of new players are eyeing the VoIP market. Softswitch will take off a considerable burden from VoIP providers as they don’t have to worry about investing huge sums on infrastructure and maintenance costs. This will allow them to concentrate on their core business of providing valuable VoIP services to customers.

The time is ripe for VoIP businesses to leverage the flexible power of Softswitch to meet their mission targets. That said, the current market trends offer copious business opportunities to startups and mid-sized businesses to take up VoIP business through effective usage of Softswitch. The purchasing of an on-premise softswitch solution is less preferable as the customer preferences keep changing all the time which makes it quite tedious for VoIP providers to adjust the solution features. On the other hand, as Softswitch is solely handled by the VoIP solution providers, the onus lies on them to provide bespoke features required by VoIP providers.

So, it can be concluded that Softswitch has a key role to play in boosting up the VoIP services in 2015 and the years to come.

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