How to Get Started with VoIP Reselling Business?

19 Sep 2016

In the entire VoIP business process, the role played by resellers is of paramount importance. They are the ones who ensure seamless transmission of VoIP services from providers to end users. And their role is only getting bigger and bigger with global adoption of VoIP technology. This has resulted in a huge surge in the number of entrepreneurs taking up the VoIP reseller business. In view of this, it is important to understand inside out of VoIP reseller business before really taking it up.

VoIP Reseller Business is A Safe Bet for New Players
If you’re new to VoIP market then this business is the right step to achieve your business goals. When compared to other VoIP business, reselling is considered to be the best and safest means of generating revenue in a cost-effective manner. You don’t really have to worry about sourcing and maintaining costly hardware and software infrastructure in this business. All you need to do is seamlessly transmit the VoIP services to end users and expand your customer base.

How Does It Function?
Usually, a reseller falls under VoIP retailers/wholesalers who in turn fall under either VoIP Wholesalers or Providers. A retailer/wholesaler takes care of infrastructure requirements such as Softswitch, Bandwidth Optimization Software, Hosted Servers, Client Applications, Termination Gateways, Fully-functional website, Customer Support, etc. That means he has everything that you need to carry out your business smoothly.

However, there are few things you need to check with your retailer/wholesaler for providing enriched user experience to your customers. They include:
a) Softswitch with Billing Functionality
b) Flexibility in Choosing Rates
c) Choice of Routes

Softswitch with Billing Functionality
This particular feature differentiates a good retailer/wholesaler from that of a bad one. As your business grows, more and more customers buy your services and so they expect agile customer support from you. Thus, managing customer transactions and billing them as per their usage is a big challenge. But, by having VoIP Softswitch with billing functionality you can easily overcome all such challenges as it takes care of billing apart from routing, switching and generating reports.

Flexibility in Choosing Rates
As a reseller, you need to have flexibility in choosing rates for different destinations as this is where you would make profits. For this, you need choose a retailer/wholesaler who will allow you to make a rate sheet of your own by applying rates for different destinations. Based on your traffic volume, you can create flexible rate plans for your customers. To encourage customers, you can include some exceptions and special tariff plans. This way you can have a complete grip on your customer base.

Choice of Routes
The quality of an IP call not only depends upon the internet connection, but also on the routes subscribed by retailers/wholesalers. There are 3 types of routes available. They are standard, premium and grey routes. So depending upon the number of concurrent calls a switch has to process, you can choose a combination of these routes to maximize your profit margin. This again depends on whether your retailer/wholesaler has this provision or not.

Once you make sure all these facilities are being provided by your retailer/wholesaler, you can now buy a reseller account from him. Using Softswitch, retailer/wholesaler creates a reseller account for your business and also provides a user id and password to access your account. With this account, you can manage and monitor your customer accounts providing enriched user experience to them. Furthermore, you can also choose to add other resellers under you just like your customers to scale up your business. Get started now!

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