How to Download MoSIP for Blackberry Mobile?

16 Dec 2014

BlackBerry mobiles are the most widely used smartphones at enterprise level and is powered by different versions of BlackBerry operating systems. They are unique in the way they allow seamless integration of business applications onto them. Further, the professional experience it derives from the synergy between various features and applications is truly delightful. These abilities make it the most suited device to download and explore the MoSIP dialer.

MoSIP Dialer Can Be Installed in 2 Ways on Blackberry Mobiles

BlackBerry World is the app store that is pre-installed in the BlackBerry mobiles where you can find numerous applications including MoSIP dialer to download and use. Here are the quick steps to download MoSIP dialer

  • Open “BlackBerry World” app store in your BlackBerry mobile
  • Go to Search field and type MoSIP dialer
  • MoSIP dialer with brief summary of features along with “Install” and “Uninstall” options will be displayed.
  • Click on “Install” so that MoSIP gets downloaded and installed for use
  • After successful installation, MoSIP app shows up and requires you to key in necessary information to start using it.

Alternatively you can download MoSIP dialer for Blackberry from below location and install app manually.

Once done, you can start experiencing the joy of IP calling loaded with multiple features on this app.

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