How Mobile VoIP Can Boost Your VoIP Offerings?

23 Jul 2015

Mobile VoIP refers to the pairing of VoIP technology to cellular phones. Mobile VoIP allows users to make calls using the internet connection such as 3G or Wi-Fi on their mobile devices. As a result, users can make long distance and international calls at the fraction of the cost charged for cellular phone service. This simple and clear advantage of using mobile VoIP is universally acknowledged by people who started using it as the cheapest means to get connected with near and dear ones locally as well as globally.

According to Juniper report, mobile VoIP users are likely to exceed 100 million mark in the coming years. Such is the potential of mobile VoIP that you can’t afford to give it amiss. Your VoIP business can only go one better with the addition of Mobile VoIP to your business offerings.

Implementation of Mobile VoIP

The mobile VoIP implementation is very easy and affordable. You can find many VoIP solution providers who offer reliable and cost-effective mobile VoIP solutions to suit your business needs. Usually, these solution providers offer customized mobile VoIP clients which can be customized as per your business requirements and make available to end customers. Most VoIP solution providers have their mobile VoIP clients spread across various platforms such as iOS, Android, Windows and BlackBerry. You can leverage this fact to reach out to wider audience in order to offer your VoIP services.

Although a good high-speed internet connection is a must for mobile VoIP users to enjoy high quality VoIP calls, you can offer them some relaxation in terms of bandwidth through the mobile client you make available to them. A perfect mobile VoIP client will consume less bandwidth and still offer high quality and secure VoIP calling experience to users. So, you must be careful in choosing your Mobile VoIP solution provider. You can also go for bandwidth compression software and other add-ons if required based on your areas of operation.

Benefits of Mobile VoIP for Your VoIP Business

More Business Opportunities: A recent survey has mentioned about 2 billion customers worldwide would get smartphones by 2016. This is a staggering figure and definitely a big opportunity for driving more business especially Mobile VoIP. More and more users around the world are adopting VoIP to make communication at affordable rates. Implementing mobile VoIP is the only way to reach the last of these smartphone users.

Cost-Effective Channel: Mobile VoIP clients can become the perfect endpoints for delivering your VoIP services seamlessly. So, apart from IP phones that use your VoIP services even mobile devices such as tablets, smartphones, phablets, etc., can make use of your VoIP service through mobile VoIP. Moreover, mobile VoIP turns out to be the cost-effective channel to reach out to larger audience.

Increased Revenues: With mobile VoIP, your business can witness increased revenues as a large portion of customers are now able to use mobile VoIP clients to utilize your VoIP services.

Higher Customer Satisfaction: You can be assured of high customer satisfaction by providing qualitative VoIP services not just through voice services but also through value added features such as IM and SMS.

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