How Enterprises Cut Costs and Increase Results with UC?

14 Oct 2015

In the present economic situation, UC enabled applications have become inevitable means for enterprises to achieve bigger cost and resource savings. So, how does UC really help enterprises to cut down costs and increase results?

Unified Communications

At the basic level, UC is the convergence of multiple communication technologies into a single solution. That means all previously present separate communication systems and services are combined into a single effective package for text, voice and video communications that are accessible from anywhere via PC, smartphones and other mobile devices. These technologies include email, texting, instant messaging, group chat, VoIP, audio/video/web conference, calendaring, scheduling, fax, etc., which can now be accessed on a single infrastructure allowing enterprises to significantly cut down the costs and boost their savings.

Integration with Business Processes

To take a notch higher, the UC capabilities can be integrated with users’ and groups’ business processes to reduce duplication, waste and rework in communication sensitive activities. UC enable enterprises to successfully manage the necessary hiring freezes or headcount reductions by improving process efficiency and reducing process labor content.

In any enterprise, communication is the most significant variable cost which can be targeted for bigger savings. Toll costs, cellphone charges, travel costs, facilities costs and conferencing service fees are some of the communication costs that add up the expenditure for enterprises. All these costs can be significantly reduced using UC solutions while increasing the employee productivity.

Reduce Cellular Charges, Travel Costs and More…

While calling to clients, employees or partners from other countries, with the help of mobile UC client businesses can significantly bring down the cellular charges associated with long distance and international calls by leveraging VoIP to route those calls over the corporate data network or the internet, thereby avoiding expensive cellular charges. Also, enterprises can shift most communications to instant messaging to avoid short phone calls.

Travel costs can be limited by enterprises by leveraging the audio/video/web conferencing capabilities of a UC enabled mobile device. The meeting content can be posted to a shared workspace allowing other team members who cannot attend the meetings to stay informed. Likewise, infrastructure costs can be significantly reduced by enabling employees with remote working capabilities. They can login into the corporate communication network remotely and continue working on their routine tasks. As a result, enterprises can optimize resource utilization and increase cost savings.

In addition, there are other areas where UC can be put to good use for endless enterprise benefits.

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