Extending Offices to Mobile Devices via Mobile UC Clients

12 Nov 2015

Mobile UC Clients

According to a recent survey from International Data Corporation (IDC), the mobile workforce in US will steadily increase from 96.2 million in 2015 to 105.4 million in 2020. The statistics can be true for rest of the world except that the rate of increase in mobile workforce might differ. From this understanding, it is very clear that the future is bright for those who quickly switch to mobility to address the growing demands.
The following are some of the factors that have trigged this transition:

  1. Buying and installing IP phones are proving expensive for enterprises
  2. Mobile devices are easy to handle and can be multiplied sooner
  3. Availability of feature-rich mobility solutions has inspired enterprises to back mobility
  4. Mobile VoIP applications with UC features has gained traction in the industry
  5. Scope of business expansion is high with mobility
  6. Greater impact on revenue, profitability, employee satisfaction and customer service with mobility

All these factors have together contributed for drastic switch from office IP telephony solutions to mobile VoIP solutions.

Mobility is the key driver for business success

An increasing number of enterprises have already realized the essence of mobility for their business success. Employees need to constantly stay in contact with clients and peers whether they are weekend warriors or working from home or simply away from the desk phone at the office. To achieve this, they are forwarding the office extensions to their personal mobile devices leveraging mobile UC clients. Such a setup will allow employees not to miss out on any calls and work seamlessly on the go.

Greater savings for enterprises backing mobility

Enterprises backing mobility can save big on infrastructure investments, experienced IT staff and communication costs. In addition, mobility enables them to achieve higher employee satisfaction, increased revenue and customer service. Above all, mobility will optimize the use of the corporate communication network to reduce costs.

Employees can get their tasks done quickly with UC enabled mobile apps

No matter whichever part of the world an employee exists, he can still access the corporate communication network with his personal device via mobile UC clients. UC features such as conferencing, email, texting, group chat, fax, file transfer, etc., enable employees to get their tasks done quickly and efficiently.

BYOD Mobility is the need of the hour!

Enterprises looking to stand out from the cut-throat competition should include BYOD mobility as part of their business strategy. Obviously, there would be security and compliance challenges but with the right set of mobility solutions, all of these could be addressed. Effective resource utilization and infrastructure optimization has necessitated enterprises to back BYOD mobility.

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