Calling Card Dialers – An Opportunity for Calling Card Providers

04 Sep 2015

Calling card dialer is a new type of hybrid dialer that provides the dual advantage of automated calling card experience and mobile VoIP. These dialers are developed with the view to ease the use of calling cards for making VoIP calls.

Calling Card Dialers Help to Offer Seamless Calling Experience to Users

Calling card providers can sense an opportunity to deliver their VoIP services through calling card dialers as most people want to enjoy seamless VoIP calling even when there is no internet connectivity. Usually, a calling card dialer requires a one-time PIN configuration by the users so that they don’t need to enter the PIN every time they wish to make a VoIP call. The dialer application integrates with the mobile phonebook allowing users to simply select the contact to be called and press on dial button. The rest of the process such as dialing the Access Number, PIN and Destination Number is automatically done by the application itself. Thus, it eases the calling card usage for the users.

When the internet connectivity is good, users can make VoIP calls using VoIP services thereby enjoying seamless VoIP calling experience. Calling card providers can make big returns by supporting mobile VoIP and automated calling card experience from single platform. Users would definitely like to use a single application that eases that calling card usage considerably adding more value to their calling experience.

Calling Card Dialers allow Pre-Configuring of Multiple DIDs/Access Numbers

Another important aspect that help calling card providers to attract users is that the calling card dialers allow multiple DIDs/Access Numbers to be pre-configured for different coverage areas. So, it becomes relatively easy for users to make VoIP calls using calling card dialers than to execute the long procedure of dialing the access number from their mobile device and wait for the IVR instructions to enter PIN for authentication, and then to enter destination number for establishing the connection.

However, calling card providers should ensure that their softswitch supports the calling card platform so that they can deliver competitive calling card services to users. Routing, billing, reporting and monitoring can be efficiently done by using the calling card platform.  Further, the centralized web user interface allows calling card providers to easily manage a range of business functions adding more profitability to providers’ calling card business.

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