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How PINless Dialers are Simplifying Prepaid VoIP Adaption?

VoIP service has become a convenient and easier means to enjoy cheap long distance and international calls. However, not all get to access VoIP because of reasons like: regulatory restrictions on VoIP in many countries; low smartphone penetration; absence of high bandwidth internet connectivity; no required infrastructure to deploy VoIP networks, etc. In all these […]

Role of Least Cost Routing for a Profitable VoIP Business

Before we discuss about the role of least cost routing for a profitable VoIP business, it is important to understand the basic role of routing in VoIP business. Routing is the process of transmitting VoIP traffic from one destination to another. To establish a successful VoIP business, routing plays a vital role as it is…

International Calls Made Cheaper With Mobile VoIP

This is the age of VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol). It seems that everyone has ditched the traditional telephony system to take up the smarter way of alternative communication worldwide, and that is VoIP. The key selling point that makes VoIP a runaway hit is its ability to make calls worldwide at an efficient and […]

Is yours a Class 4 Softswitch or Class 5 Softswitch? Why can’t be a bit of both?

For any VoIP business, softswitch forms a central component for accomplishing a variety of business operations. So, the significance attached to the selection of softswitch is very high. Depending upon the nature of your VoIP business, you many either opt a class 4 softswitch or class 5 softswitch. Wondering what is a class 4 or…

Why PC Dialer is Still Popular in this Smartphone Era?

Though smartphone (with mobile dialer) has taken away the sheen from PC dialer due to its mobility and agility features, the truth of the matter is, PC dialer is still relevant in this smartphone era. It could be reasoned that the personal connection that users have with PCs and laptops tend them to continue using […]

How Your Own Branded Dialer Can Boost Your VoIP Business

Are you a VoIP Provider or planning to set up your own VoIP Business? One thing might be bothering you – the entrance of new VoIP providers in the market every other day! True as it is, the VoIP market is seeing tough competition with new technologies being developed every day. No matter how competitive […]

Top Things to Consider before Buying a Wholesale Softswitch

For running a wholesale VoIP business, wholesale Softswitch is a must for VoIP operators. Usually, wholesale VoIP business deals with the aggregation of traffic and exchanging them between VoIP operators. Both traffic suppliers and clients form, the integral part of this business. Keeping these things in mind, one can simply think of the prominence a…

Things to Consider Before Starting A VoIP Calling Card Business

Starting your own VoIP calling card business is easy and profitable if you consider the following things. Have a stable and reliable setup You should have a stable and reliable setup so that the technical side of your calling card business runs smoothly. Choose equipment and service providers who are popular in the industry and…

How to Get Started with VoIP Reselling Business?

In the entire VoIP business process, the role played by resellers is of paramount importance. They are the ones who ensure seamless transmission of VoIP services from providers to end users. And their role is only getting bigger and bigger with global adoption of VoIP technology. This has resulted in a huge surge in the…