App to App Calling – An Opportunity to Grow Your VoIP Business

05 Aug 2015

VoIP technology has certainly transformed the communication sphere in a brighter way. Communication of all forms has become the basic right of every individual. So, VoIP is seen as the best technology to make communication of all forms cheaper, easier and effective. Social networking applications such as Facebook, Skype, Viber, Whatsapp, etc., owe its popularity to VoIP for becoming the most favored channels of cost-effective communication. Usually, people would prefer IM, audio call and video call to connect with their loved ones. And no other technology than VoIP offers high quality communication at cheaper rates. Additionally, VoIP offers service providers the flexibility to integrate value added features in order to enhance the user experience greatly.

Of all the communication options that VoIP enables, app to app calling has turned out to be the most favored option among end users. Anyone would like the idea of calling their loved ones at cheaper calling rates. This is made possible through app to app calling which means two users with same mobile application installed on their devices can call each other via app. This kind of VoIP calling is very effective, reliable and cheaper in nature. Service providers can push their VoIP services sale by focusing on creating app to app calling plans that is feasible and affordable by end users.

Your Softswitch Solution Is the Backbone for Offering App To App Calling Services

If you happen to be a service provider, then there are few things you need to check before you can leverage on app to app calling services. Firstly, the softswitch solution that you use should support app to app calling often referred to as “SIP to SIP calling.” All registered SIP accounts would be stored in the switch server and would be triggered when one SIP user establishes communication with another. Further, the mobile VoIP app used by your customers should support app to app calling feature to use your VoIP services and establish cheaper communication. This segment of users have been exponentially growing increasing the demand for app to app calling services. Thus, service providers like you can sense a great opportunity of VoIP business in this segment.

If offering app to app calling service is one part of the challenge the other part involves billing the usage accurately. So, the billing interface of softswitch solution plays a prominent role in allowing smooth app to app calling services. SIP to SIP billing is a separate billing entity that has to be created for easy billing of app to app calling users.

With the right softswitch solution, you can endlessly benefit from app to app calling services and build a substantial user base across the world.

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