Anti-Block Mobile Dialer – 3 Prime Advantages of It

21 Aug 2015

VoIP is emerging with a pace that we never witnessed before. The demand for VoIP services is high in regions where there is more population of expatriates. Many depend on VoIP services for long distance calling especially to call their families back home. In some regions, regulation on VoIP by telecom bodies and dominance of companies such as Google, Skype, and WhatsApp is posing a challenge for VoIP operators.

Expansion of mobile broadband networks is opening up new avenues for VoIP operators. For new players, offering VoIP services through own branded mobile dialer apps has become the best way to start off operator service with less capital. However, the regulatory concerns in some countries where is VoIP is blocked turns out to become a point of concern for VoIP providers. The solution for VoIP providers is to resort to VoIP calling apps that use anti-block technology.

Advantages of Anti-Block Mobile Dialers

1. Reach Wider Markets:

With this anti-block mobile dialers, you can spread your business reach to wider markets and offer premium VoIP services. By offering VoIP services at cheaper rate than the local telecom provider you can quickly tap in the market in small segments and further expand.

2. Fast & Secure Communication:

In all the anti-block mobile dialers, the data packets are compressed and then encrypted because of which the communication is made possible even in low bandwidth regions. Furthermore, due to high-end data encryption the communication between two endpoints remains secure.

3. Save on Bandwidth Consumption:

The anti-block mobile dialer employs a unique tunneling mechanism to optimize the data transmission which reduces the data consumed for passing the call from App to provider’s softswitch. This gives an additional advantage for VoIP providers as the app reduces the mobile data cost to the subscribers.

Anti-block mobile dialers or VoIP calling mobile apps that bypasses any firewalls is a great asset for any VoIP business. If you are looking for one such solution, then look no further. MoSIP and its variants have excellent NAT traversal (firewall bypassing) capabilities. These apps enable you to offer seamless VoIP services and maximize your revenues.

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