5 Ways a Good Softswitch Can Improve Your VoIP Service

12 Aug 2015

Advanced Routing

One of the very important functions of a softswitch platform, routing deals with the transmission of VoIP traffic from one destination to another. In doing so, a good softswitch ensures high voice quality and secure communication in a cost-effective manner. It provides a platform to interconnect with multiple termination providers for each destination so that the best and cost-effective routes can be chosen to terminate the VoIP traffic. The softswitch solution also provides the flexibility to configure the rate plans for VoIP termination to each destination.

A good softswitch also features advanced routing types for best quality VoIP termination and higher profit margins. LCR (least cost routing) for example is the advanced routing type supported by most softswitches that help you to pick the cost-effective routes for a destination and terminate the VoIP traffic successfully. Therefore, advanced routing will help you to make big profits and at the same time enriches your VoIP services.

Robust Billing

A good softswitch has an integrated billing system so that you need not worry about purchasing a separate billing module to carry out the billing activities. This will significantly boost your overall savings. Also, the billing system of good softswitch is very robust and swift that it can conveniently process any number of customer records and bill their usage accordingly. It can grow and adapt with your business needs so that you can stay relaxed even when there is rise in demand for your VoIP services. All applicable tariff plans, discounts and deductions will be accurately processed by the billing system for each customer record and bills are generated accordingly. Thus, your VoIP services would get a major boost from leveraging a robust billing platform.

Comprehensive Reporting

Another important functionality of a good softswitch is comprehensive reporting which helps you to create different types of reports based on parameters such as revenue and performance. Comprehensive reports will help you to analyze the status of your business and implement corrective measures to fill the gaps in your VoIP business.

The ability to pull reports for any given day, time, month and year will help you endlessly to make important decisions. Thus, you can plan your VoIP business in an organized way so that more and more customers will sign up for your VoIP services.

Extensive Monitoring

With this functionality, a good softswitch allows you to track the progress of the business operations that take place through it. You can go to any depth to cross check the exact performance of your VoIP business and fix the issues dynamically to avoid any serious loss to your business. Live monitoring tools will provide full control over your VoIP business and it’s very easy to restrict any unauthorized access to the solution. With wholesale softswitch you can as well monitor the business network of resellers and agents under you to maintain healthy business. With effective monitoring, your VoIP services would be seamlessly delivered to the customers.

Extra Business Channels

Really good softswitches will provide you extra business channels to expand your VoIP business. For example, calling cards and call shops that are world famous for cheaper international long distance calls can be integrated to the softswitch platform to provide you the advantage of more business. Such business channels can come in handy for you to deliver more VoIP services and make big profits.

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