5 Top Things to Consider While Choosing VoIP Softswitch

14 Apr 2016

For any VoIP service provider, VoIP Softswitch forms the key component for successfully delivering VoIP services to end users. The correct functioning of VoIP softswitch is directly linked to the performance of their business. If you’re a VoIP service provider then you might want to consider the following things to ensure the smooth running of your business.

Integrated Billing

Most VoIP solution providers sell billing as a separate module instead of offering it with their proprietary VoIP softswitch software. This can add up to additional burden on part of service providers. It not only causes financial burden but also results in sync issues if your switch isn’t sourced from the same solution provider. Ultimately, it results in bad user experience and you might end up losing a great deal of market share. Therefore, always make sure to purchase a switch platform that has in-built billing facility.

Additional Business Modules

Switching, Routing, Billing and Report Generation are the typical features of any VoIP Softswitch software. But apart from this, if your softswitch vendor offers additional modules such as calling cards, call shop, call back, etc. then you can undoubtedly prefer their VoIP softswitch. This is because having modules such as calling cards and call shop can help you expand your business in all dimensions without restricting to a particular service.

Regular Updates and Upgrades

An updated VoIP Softswitch will always keep you ahead of competition. So, check if your solution provider commits for constant updates and upgrades. It can be paid or free upgrades/updates. So, you need to cross-check with your solution provider and opt for paid ones if it is worth for your business.

User Management Control Panels

You need a robust user management panels to manage your users’ activities. Users can be subscribers, resellers, agents and sub-resellers. With easy access to browsed based web portal, you can create unlimited end-user accounts and control their payments. Also the user friendly interface helps your end customers to recharge online without much of a hassle. This will keep you organized and will result in better collaboration among different levels of users and also increased customer stickiness. So, check with your softswitch provider for such a provision.

Extensive Technical Support

Finally, softswitch provider’s technical support plays a key role for ensuring your business success. Should there arise any technical issues with VoIP Softswitch or the portal, your solution provider must act immediately to resolve them without affecting your end users.

In addition, you should also consider certain security issues and seek full cooperation from your solution provider for successful run of your business.

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