4 Key Takeaways From Our Expert Interview

26 Oct 2015

Mike Storella, Director of Sales for North America at Voxvalley, was a recent guest on the TechnologyAdvice Expert Interview Series. The series, which is hosted by TechnologyAdvice’s Josh Bland, explores a variety of business and technology landscapes through conversations with industry leaders.

In this episode, we discuss everything from empowering ITSPs to carriers, telecoms that make VoIP products for everybody and what to look forward to at ITEXPO.

Below are Mike Storella’s four biggest insights from the conversation.

1. Everyone is driven by convenience and mobility.

I think every worker now has made a conscious decision to use their smartphone as their primary device. I mention Snom Technologies because we used to always have these arguments at trade shows, “Will the soft clients on my laptop replace the desk phone?” While we were arguing all about that, clearly — and I don’t think I’m telling anybody anything that’s not known — the smartphone has snuck in and basically taken the ball from car phones and has become our new communication device.

2. We’re drifting toward BYOD.

If you have a friend who’s a plumber, and he has seven plumbers on his team, and all the guys are out in the field — they’re all talking to each other on their cellphones. The office phone system now has become a bit moot because if people in the office want to get somebody, they call them on their cell phone.

I happened to be talking to somebody working at big enterprise, and I asked, “Do you have a hard phone on your desk?” The person said, “Yeah. I have a beautiful VoIP phone system.” I asked, “Do you use it?” They said, “No, I just forward all the calls to my smartphone.

3. Mobility applications will replace the landline.

It’s going to be off the corporate PBX. And you’ll install that on the data side of your smartphone. You download an app, and you’re then connected to the corporate telephone system. So when a call comes into the plumber’s office and somebody wants to extend that call or transfer that incoming call to that actual plumber, they will just do that over a mobility app.

4. For VoIP providers, it’s important to avoid the race to zero.

When you’re just trying to sell minutes — it’s very tough to make a living. I’ve talked to people and go, “Know what? Everyday there is somebody new popping up and that’s at half the rate that I was yesterday.” So again, I think one of the things to set yourself apart is to sell on value, not just on price.

This podcast was created and published by TechnologyAdvice. Interview conducted by Josh Bland.

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